Seeking Volunteers


My name is Nyles Claire Suer, and I’m the Director at North Star LGBTQ Community Center.

I want to invite you to share your gifts and time with us, by becoming a volunteer! It’s because of the incredible efforts of our volunteers that our organization continues to exist and is able to make amazing things happen in the Winston-Salem LGBTQ community.

We’re currently (and pretty much always) seeking new volunteers to help staff the Center during our open hours. It’s one of the easiest and best ways to get to know North Star!

We’re also seeking folks who want to help with the specific items listed below; if you are interested in any of these, just say so on our volunteer sign-up form and I’ll get back to you so we can arrange a time to chat!

Want to help with any of these?

  • Organizing & Leading a Single Event or Recurring Program – Got an idea for an event, meet-up, or a workshop? Help to develop & host special or recurring social/educational/topical events to be held at the Center (or outside the Center, depending on the activity!).
  • Helping facilitate Youth Programs – Our youth programs are growing by leaps and bounds! We’re looking for folks (especially queer folks in their 20s) who enjoy working with middle and high schoolers, and who are interested in committing to a consistent volunteering schedule and getting to know our awesome youth.
  • Helping facilitate Family & Children Programs – We’re just getting started creating events and programs for families with young kids! Tell us what you’d like to see- and help make it happen!
  • Helping plan our Quinston event series for young professionals – Help us make more social opportunities happen – whether it’s a happy hour, adventuresome outing, coffee shop work meet-up, professional development opportunity, or some other awesome idea you have!
  • Event Planning – Do you live to throw a great party/ gala/ conference/ ball/ bingo night? Get in touch and help us make our big events shine.
  • Grant Writing – We’re looking for folks who can work with our Fundraising committee to identify grants in specific areas and assist in preparing proposals for those grants.
  • Improving the Library – Help us to update, organize, and grow our Library and programs for book-lovers.
  • Mental Health Services – If you are a licensed therapist or counselor who is interested in providing mental health services or education (one event, or a series), or in leading a support group around an identity or experience – we’d love to discuss how we can connect you to our community.
  • Improving the Center’s physical space – Help us continually spruce up our space! Whether you want to help with seasonal decor, cleaning, and supply maintenance, or you’ve got skills in interior design or building stuff, we can use your help!
  • Facilitating Educational Trainings – Do you have experience in facilitating or teaching workshops? Or would you like to learn how to? Talk to us about helping with Safe Zone trainings and other workshops & educational programs.
  • University and Community Outreach – Be the bridge! We need volunteers who can go to university and community events (festivals, fairs, and other fun places) to help promote and speak about North Star.
  • Fundraising – This is a broad umbrella – there’s so many ways to help us meet our budget and keep doing what we do! This could be helping to staff, set-up, and clean-up at our fundraising events, or hosting your own house fundraiser party, or working directly with our Fundraising committee if you’ve got fundraising experience and skills to offer.
  • Data entry & Systems Organization – Got a talent for systems? Love digitizing paper stuff or digging into data and analyzing it? We’ve got tasks for you…
  • Marketing – We are looking for someone with marketing experience to help us build sustainable systems for our email newsletters, in-house and public marketing, social media, etc. We’d also love to find folks with professional photo & video skills who’d like to create some content, with and for and about North Star!
  • Get Out the Vote efforts – Lead or help with a nonpartisan voter registration/ get-out-the-vote event or campaign.

If you wanna get involved with any of these, don’t forget to fill out our volunteer sign-up form.

I can’t wait to meet you, and to build community with you! ?

–Nyles Claire