Wellness Providers

Welcome to the Rainbow Directory, a listing of LGBTQ-supportive businesses, healthcare providers, therapists, groups & organizations in Winston-Salem and the Piedmont Triad. This page lists Wellness Providers.

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Our goal is to help LGBTQ folks find spaces where we can be ourselves and find support, while out-and-about in our larger Winston-Salem community. Want to be listed on the Directory? Fill out our form.

Please note: The organizations listed on our Directory self-select to be listed, and self-report about their affirming practices and areas of expertise. If you visit one of these organizations and have a significantly different experience from their listing, please contact us at wslgbtresourceguide@gmail.com so that we can contact the organization and/or correct our Directory info.

Arbor Vitae Massage + Bodywork

Therapeutic Massage and Oncology Massage

823 W 5th St, Office C, Winston Salem, NC 27101

(336) 948-0755 

Astrology for Growth

Astrology for Growth offers supportive, interactive astrological consultations to help people reconnect & recharge with their core energies and purpose, and explore the deeper meanings of life challenges.

701 Cascade Ave, Winston Salem, NC 27127

(631) 680-1496

Blue Lotus Massage & Bodywork

Blue Lotus offers massage therapy and intuitive bodywork catered to creative, open-minded, and inquisitive individuals, who seek to cultivate wellness habits in their lives that support overall health, create greater balance, and allow them to live life fully and authentically.

823 W 5th St Winston-Salem, NC 27101

(336) 660-4455

Bodywork Therapist, Jenny Pruitt

Advanced bodywork practitioner with over 15 years of experience in chronic pain relief. Treating folks from all walks of life- from elite athletes to clients dealing with daily stress. Graduate of UNC-CH with degree in Exercise & Sport Science.

Hawthorne Rd Winston-Salem, NC 2710

(336) 408-8970

Brittian Chiropractic Center

The team at Brittian Chiropractic Center are committed to providing chiropractic solutions to address your unique needs, whether you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, or even muscular tightness and tension. Even if you’re looking to improve your overall health, our chiropractors can help you attain your everyday wellness goals!

205 S Stratford Rd Suite M Winston-Salem, NC 27103

(336) 995-8548

Buddha’s Belly Massage

An inclusive massage therapy practice.

1066 West 4th St. Winston Salem NC 27101

(336) 287-0310

Camel City Yoga

Camel City Yoga teaches Bikram Method Hot Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates.

127 Fayette St, Winston Salem, NC 27101

(336) 893-7809

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Amy McGinnis

Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing energy therapy that uses gentle touch to assist in balancing physical, mental, emotional and physical well being. Healing Touch works with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal is safe for all ages and works in harmony with standard or allopathic care

4235 Greenbrier Farm Rd Winston-Salem, NC 27106

(336) 287-2846

Glass Door Salon & Spa

Glass Door Salon & Spa is a hip downtown salon and spa located in the heart of Winston-Salem. They offer a wide variety services for your hair, nails, makeup and body.

460 N Cherry St. Suite 100, Winston Salem, 27101

(336) 727-4805

Innovative Aesthetics M.D.

IAMD is a boutique medical aesthetics practice with specialized training in masculinization and feminization injectables, including botox and dermal fillers.

607 St. George Square Ct. #46, Winston-Salem, NC 27103

(336) 817-5385

Instinct Healing With Betsy Hauser

Dedicated to helping others heal emotional and physical pain, trauma, anxiety and depression stored in the body.

823 W 5th St Winston-Salem, NC 27101

(336) 406-7882

Koru Touch

Experience a soulful spa within an intimate setting where you alone are the focus. 

2540 Greenwich Rd, Winston Salem, NC, 27104

(336) 682-9956


A Community Yoga Studio. It’s how we come together in shared practice and collective action for our community.

469 W End Blvd, Winston Salem, NC 27101

(252) 723-8752

Sandy Phocas

Offering shamanic healing and soul work in individual sessions, as well as group classes. 

823 W 5th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

(336) 287-0061

Sterling Hart, ND

Naturopath, Transformational Nutrition Coach, Trauma-Informed Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist

632 Holly Ave Winston Salem NC 27101

(336) 655-8971