LGBTQ+ Health Resources Guide

Resources compiled by North Star volunteer, Charley Cummings, June 2021

How to find an LGBTQ+ competent healthcare provider

Finding a healthcare provider who you can trust and who also understands your health needs can be a challenge. The following resources and directories can eliminate some of the guesswork and help you locate an affirming medical provider or surgeon.  


  1. Know your rights when it comes to healthcare: 
  2. Look to see if the provider/surgeon is a WPATH member – this is especially important if you are taking hormones or seeking gender affirming surgery because membership in WPATH signals that they adhere to the standards of care for transgender/nonbinary health. WPATH certification is even better (though harder to find)!
  3. Cross check the provider on multiple directories – if they are listed in more than one directory this is generally a good sign that they have made an effort to be visible to the LGBTQ+ community and are more likely to be vetted.
  4. Look for non-gendered and gender expansive language on the provider’s bio / website.
  5. Call the front desk and ask questions:
    1. Are your providers and staff trained in LGBTQ health?
    2. Does your facility have gender neutral bathrooms?
    3. Does this provider regularly work with {insert identity marker} or would I be one of the first?
  6. Ask to review the intake/new patient forms before your appointment – options for name, pronouns and gender identity are generally a good sign.
  7. Seek a word-of-mouth recommendation – post on LGBTQ community groups (e.g. Facebook) to seek out a referral from other community members.  
    1. Be mindful of your privacy and consider how much you are comfortable sharing on Facebook – some Facebook groups are moderated with the option of posting anonymously.

Transgender Care for Adults 18+ in the Triad and Beyond

Telehealth Options in NC

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Providers are all vetted and experienced in trans/nonbinary health and you can count on a consistent, gender-affirming experience
  • Will prescribe gender-affirming hormones whether you are starting or continuing
  • Often do not accept insurance (self-pay) and function in a membership/subscription-based service model 
  • Do not see younger folks under age 18
  • Does not replace the need for a PCP for preventive care like annual physicals, health & cancer screenings, and management of other chronic health conditions
Telehealth ServiceWebsiteAboutCost
Plume Plume provides gender-affirming care directly from your smartphone to folks ages 18-65 years$99/month membership includes virtual visit & lab fees (cash/self-pay)Does not accept insuranceDoes not accept Medicaid or MedicareEligible for Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA)HRT Access Fund
Folx Queer and gender-affirming care including hormones, ED meds and soon will offer PrEP and home STI testing to folks ages 18+$59-119/month membershipincludes virtual visit, lab fees, and home delivery of most medications (cash/self-pay)Does not accept insuranceDoes not accept Medicaid or MedicareEligible for Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA)HRT Access Fund
Carolina Gender Care Gender-affirming hormone therapy online from local board-certified physician, Dr. Laura Torres, MD, for folks ages 18+Initial visit: 60-90 min. $270Follow-up visit: 20-30 min: $91Great rates for standard labsInsurance not accepted –  can provide a superbill you may submit to your insurance company to see if they will reimburse you for an out-of-network visit

Transgender & Non-binary youth and younger folks under 18

You will generally want to look for Pediatric Endocrinologists and “Gender Clinics”, especially for pre-pubertal folks interested in puberty blockers and/or families seeking support from an integrated team of pediatric specialists

Other Healthcare Resources

NC Health Info LGBTQIA+ Health 

CDC LGBT Health 

National LGBT Cancer Network 

LGBT Health Link 

Sexual Health, PrEP & PEP

Please PrEP Me 

PrEP Locator 

POSSE (free & confidential STI testing) 

Alamance Cares 

Grants and Financial Assistance

Trans in the South 

Transcend Legal: Legal support to help people get transgender-related health care covered under insurance.