Fundraise with Us

Help us grow our capacity! North Star wants to offer more programs, more educational workshops, more social events, more opportunities for youth, more resources to connect our community… the list goes on. But we need your help to do it. 

There’s lots of ways to help us grow!

Join our volunteer-driven Fundraising Committee! The committee is made up of some of the North Star board of directors and community members, and does everything from digging deep into the mechanics of various spreadsheets… to putting on FANTABULOUS events that scream fun (#teamglitterbeard). There’s a role for everyone, whether you have one hour a month to offer, or many more. 

• Host a house party, yard sale, or any other creative fundraiser to help raise funds for the North Star. Or, host friends at your house for a “Queer Premiere” of your favorite television show!

• Connect us to other organizations who want to fundraise for us. Know a business owner or church group that wants to support LGBTQ people, but isn’t sure a good way to do it? 

Reach out to to let us know how you want to be involved! We’ll connect you with the right team to help make your efforts successful and fun. 

We’re a young organization with big dreams, doing a lot on a shoestring budget. We’re building a community that supports one another, and stands strong in a time of struggle. We want you to be a part of that, so drop us a line or stop by the Center today.