Potluck with a Purpose



Join us for a day of community and learning on Saturday November 14th at noon. We’ll start with a Potluck Lunch (Sign up for Potluck With a Purpose! (http://vols.pt/44Q9oe ) on @VolunteerSpot today!) followed by a guest speaker, Latoya Cheek.

Come join us for “Potluck with a Purpose!” dealing with 10 Steps to Financial Success. 10 Steps to Financial Success…What we don’t know can hurt us. It is important to understand the impact of credit, banking, and overall money management. Learning and modeling the right behaviors today may make the difference between financial bondage and financial freedom. The decisions you make today can impact your financial well-being tomorrow.

The presenter of this potluck is LATOYA D. CHEEK, the founder of growing radiant outstanding women, inc. She has sixteen years of financial services experience. LaToya has an MBA from High Point University and a business degree with a concentration in finance from North Carolina Central University. She is the author of Less than an NSF Fee, The ABCs of Financial Literacy and is co-owner of Money Management and Business Solutions, LLC. Latoya is also North Star LGBT Center’s Treasurer.

This should be an entertaining and informative event! We hope to see you at the Center!