Safe Zone Trainings

“Safe Zone training” is a nationally-used term to describe different opportunities to learn more about the very diverse LGBTQ+ community, and to explore conversations around gender, sexuality, and identity.

North Star’s own Safe Zone trainings are 2-hour small-group workshops where we engage in activities and discussions to help us be better informed and more active allies to others. They’re for everyone — whether you’ve never talked about LGBTQ issues before, or whether you know every term in the book!

All community members are welcome. Anyone interested in volunteering with North Star (helping to staff the Center, etc.) will be required to complete this training as well as a shorter volunteer training before doing so.

We typically hold two trainings each month; please see our calendar for upcoming dates.

Participation is free; please email if you are interested in attending, so we can prepare enough materials. (Our curriculum is a modified, North-Star-ified version of materials found on – thank you, Safe Zone Project!)