The Alice Johnson Jennings Library

​The Alice Johnson Jennings Library opened in September 2013 with a starting collection of books, dvds and cds focused on and celebrating LGBTQ life. The Library’s collection priorities are aimed at supporting the resource and information needs of the Center’s vital outreach programs such as the LGBT Seniors Initiative, Youth Programs, Affirming Faith Community Resources, and Transgender resources. The Library is also a welcoming place for family members and allies of LGBTQIA people.

Checking Out a Book/DVD/CD

Current residents of Forsyth and surrounding counties are welcome to check out a resource from our library under the following guidelines:

  • Must be 18 years of age (those under 18 must have a parent/guardian with them to check out a resource. Otherwise those under 18 may enjoy the resources at the center during open hours)
  • Provide an active email address or phone number
  • Return resource within 30 days

Please visit our online catalog to see what our library has to offer! Search among our 800+ books by title, keyword, and hundreds of tags. Check it out at TinyCat. (To create an account on the catalog and check items out, please visit the Center in person.)

Library Wish List

Help us expand our Library resources in needed areas, including books for young people! Browse our Amazon Wish List, purchase one of the books listed, and select North Star as the delivery location. Every book helps us offer up-to-date, desired reading materials to the whole community– thank you!


We will have listings of LGBT supportive businesses, counselors, & more.
Want to be listed? Contact us.

Partner LGBT Organizations

Adam Foundation
Aids Care Service
Equality Winston-Salem
Wake Forest LGBTQ Center
Pride WS
Out @ The Movies