Adult Programs

Coming Out Group: Having trouble coming out as LGBTQ? Have you been out but are now dealing with a situation concerning you sexuality at work or with your family? Wherever you are on your journey; this group can help you deal with the challenges that you face.

Trans Support Group: Open only to those who identify as trans this group is here to support you thru whatever point you are on in your transition.

Senior’s Social Group: Open to all LGBTQ people who are over the age of 50 this group gets together for chat, socialization, and more.

We have plans to extend our support groups to include LGBT parents, and LGBT seniors. We are offering free and confidential HIV/STD testing at the Center in collaboration from P.O.S.S.E. on the first Tuesday of every month from 5-7pm. We also are proud to be partners with P.O.S.S.E with their “Safe Space” initiative; helping those recently diagnosed with HIV/AIDS to acclimate to their needs. Also monthly we hold Open Mic nights full of music, friendship, and fun. Along with special events such as Law Workshops, LGBT Town Halls, Art Exhibits; there are several things to do at the Center.

Family Programs

In May 2014 North Star hosted our first annual Family Picnic at Washington Park in Winston-Salem! LGBTQ families enjoyed food, games, and a day of fun! We look forward to this being an annual event.

North Star will soon have a support group and events for LGBT families. It will ​strengthen our diverse LGBTQ and ally families’ readiness for school, and connect families to community resources and to each other. It will allow children to engage in fun activities like dramatic and manipulative play, arts & crafts, story time, dance and fine motor development. The goal is to create a safe, trusting and challenging environment where children are encouraged to pursue new and familiar interests, develop friendships, grow in confidence and independence, and continue to develop respect for themselves and others.

LGBTQ Youth Programs

We’re working for North Star to become a safe space for LGBTQ youth 24 and younger to get connected and empowered! Our purpose is to build a strong queer, youth community through education, creative and performing arts, and community events.

We currently offer the following Youth Program:

  • Monthly Youth Night for youth ages 13-18 held with supportive adult volunteers. Confidential meetings will be held that allow for open discussions, friendship building and youth development.

Other LGBTQ Youth Centers across the country have organized events & programs such as the ones listed below. We will make every effort to make some of these happen in our area:

Queer Youth Meal Night: 
An opportunity to meet other youth like yourself. This would be the place to have dinner with us, watch a movie, play games, and get connected to your community! 24 and under only.

Coming Out Support Groups
: The Center would collaborate with high schools, Gay-Straight Alliances and college campuses to provide a coming out support group.

Queer Youth Prom: Host a queer youth prom that brings hundreds of youth from the area to dance the night away!

Queer Education Workshops: 
Workshops would be fun, educational and free! We would provide workshops to student groups, high schools, and youth-serving organizations. Our workshops would aim to build bridges, challenge stereotypes, address violence, and discuss issues facing the LGBTQ youth community.

Afterschool Program
: Provide a safer space for queer, trans, questioning, and ally students to learn together!

Center Youth Council
: Young leaders combining powers to address the needs of LGBTQ youth in our community.

Youth Program Interns
: To gain fabulous job skills, become a Youth Program Intern when we get it started.

If you are interested in participating in LGBTQ youth programs in our community, please contact us at